Krupal Mate
Associate Operations Manager
Accenture Solutions

Professional Details
Work Experience: 13
Technology Expertise: Datacenter Management, IT Operations Management, IT Asset & Infrastructure Management, Capacity Management, IT Compliance & Risk Management, OSS, BSS, eTOM, Command Center Optimization, Applied Intelligence, RPA & DevOps Assessment
Managerial And Business Expertise: Customer Support & Service Management, Budgeting & Financing, HR & Talent Management, IT Strategy & Planning, Project & Program Management, Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management

Personal Details
I am based in (city): Pune
Hobbies And Interest: Chess, Reading, Dancing, Travelling & Exploring Interest: Automobiles and Space craft, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Social Service, Economics, Finance
Dream Holiday: Switzerland
Movie with Greatest Impact: Book: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success by Warren Buffet; Movie: Titanic