Jury Panel

India’s leading CIOs and business leaders play a large role in the selection of the NEXT100 award winners. The NEXT100 jury members cumulatively represent hundreds of years of managerial experience and technical expertise. They define the award selection criteria, interview candidates, and approve the list of winners.

Jury Speaks

Who Can Apply

To apply for the NEXT100 award, you need to have a minimum of seven years of work experience, be employed full time with an organization, and be a resident of India. Valid documentation of qualifications and skills, and professional references will be required during the evaluation process.

Am I Eligible?

Why Apply

By applying for the NEXT100 award, you have the opportunity to get recognized as India's future CIO. Your profile will be featured in a special edition book that will be circulated to India's top companies. You will also be felicitated with the award in the presence of 100 top CIOs at the 25th CIO&Leader annual conference. Plus, you will get free assesment reports on your personality and leadership traits from Central Test, France.

Why Should I Apply?

How To Apply

To apply for the NEXT100 award, register on this website. You can begin your application at any time. Your application and online evaluations must be completed by Sunday, 10th March 2024 (Deadline).

Show Me The Process

  • 12% of the winners are women, the highest in NEXT100 history
  • 86% of the winners have between 11 to 25 years of work experience
  • 81% of the winners are less than 45 years of age
  • 60% of the winners are based out of Mumbai and Delhi NCR
  • 53% of the winners work in services sectors
  • 50% of winners have more than 15 people in their IT teams

Blast From The Past

Over the years, the NEXT100 awards program has influenced the lives and careers of hundreds of IT professionals. Take at look at past award presentation ceremonies, the winners, and the training programs. View Library