About NEXT100

NEXT100 is an annual awards program instituted by IT Next and 9.9 Group that aims to identify 100 experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become CIOs. The awards process invites aspirants to self-nominate themselves for consideration and qualification for the award.

All NEXT100 award applicants must apply for an award on the NEXT100 website, complete and submit the form. They will also need to fulfil other mandatory requirements like obtaining referee recommendations, completing the psychometric tests, and participating in jury interviews.

The final selection and nomination of the NEXT100 award recipients is made by a prestigious committee of experienced technology and business leaders who constitute the NEXT100 jury. The jury members review and evaluate applicants on career accomplishments, professional expertise, skills, and potential to be a CIO.

Why Apply?

By registering and applying for the NEXT100 2024 awards (which is free of cost), you get the following benefits:

  • Free analysis report of your personality traits and leadership styles from one of the world's leading evaluation companies, Central Test of France.
  • Exclusive invitations to attend a variety of training workshops and programs on leading-edge developments in the industry.
  • Opportunities to interact with India’s leading CIOs and thought leaders.
  • Be recognized in the commemorative book that is circulated among hundreds of top organizations in India, if you are selected to receive the NEXT100 award.
  • As a NEXT100 award winner, receive personalized advice, guidance and mentoring from top CIOs.

How to Apply ?

To apply for the NEXT100 award, you need to register on this site. There is NO application fee for registering or participating in the NEXT100 awards process. Registration will enable you to track the progress of your NEXT100 application, download white papers and case studies, and get other useful information.

  • To start your NEXT100 application, click on the "Application" link at the top of this page.
  • You will be redirected to the Registration Page. Fill in all the information, and press Submit.
  • You are now registered on this site. You will receive an email with your registration details (login-id and password).
  • To start your application, use your Login-ID and password (sent to your email inbox at the time of registration). You will reach the “My NEXT100 Dashboard” page.
  • Go to the “Application Form” link and click on it to start.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about yourself to help the jury arrive at a positive determination of your application. You can save a partially filled-in form, and return to it at a later time.
  • To resume your partially filled application, sign-in using your login id and password. You will reach the “My NEXT100 Dashboard” page. Click on the “Application Form” link to resume.
  • Use the “My NEXT100 Dashboard” page to track the status of your application, take the psychometric tests, and know the status of your interview.

NEXT100 Awards Process

  • Invitation of applications from candidates (Applications opening shortly)
  • Submission of completed forms by candidates is Sunday, 10th March 2024 (Deadline).
  • All applicants to complete two psychometric tests to assess personality traits and emotional intelligence test (Sunday, 10th March 2024)
  • Eligible applicants are shortlisted for interview by jury panel. For eligibility criteria, see next section.
  • Reference checks of qualified candidates are done with work supervisors and designated referees
  • List of NEXT100 2024 award winners is prepared and ratified by jury
  • Award winners are informed, and invited to attend the awards presentation ceremony to receive the trophy and citation.
  • Profiles and photos of the award winners are collected for the NEXT100 2024 commemorative book
  • The NEXT100 2024 book is circulated to India’s top organizations

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the NEXT100 2024 award, all applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of India at the time of application.
  2. Not be a past NEXT100 award winner
  3. Have a minimum of 7 (seven) years of full-time work experience.
  4. Be currently employed in a company or organization (cannot be self-employed).
  5. Fill in the application form completely, including the declaration.
  6. Not submit multiple applications/entries for the NEXT100 award.
  7. Provide valid documentation to support the personal information and work experience details, as and when requested by NEXT100 for verification.
  8. Agree to allow NEXT100 and/or its duly authorized representatives, verify application data directly and independently at any stage of the program, including with referees and work supervisor(s).
  9. Grant NEXT100 the right to authorize the downloading and printing of application information and related communications, or any portion thereof, for evaluation purposes.
  10. Undertake to obtain the necessary permissions and releases from his/her employer to participate in the NEXT100 selection process, and award ceremony.

NOTE: Employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, family members of 9.9 Group Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, affiliates, program partners, advertising and promotional agencies are not eligible to apply for, and receive the NEXT100 awards.

Terms & Conditions

By registering on this site and/or submitting an application for the NEXT100 award, you agree that:

  1. NEXT100 Awards (and the associated process) are the initiative and sole property of 9.9 Group Pvt Ltd.
  2. The NEXT100 program will run from the starting and ending dates as decided and intimated by NEXT100 and 9.9 Group Pvt Ltd.
  3. NEXT100 reserves the right to modify, cancel, discontinue or terminate the NEXT100 program at any time, or to accept or reject any or all entries at its absolute discretion without giving any prior notice, and without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  4. Decisions made by NEXT100 regarding the NEXT100 Awards, eligibility conditions, administration and conduct of the program, rules & regulations, etc., will be final and binding on all applicants and program participants.
  5. All shortlisted applicants/participants for the NEXT100 will be intimated individually at the email address and/or contact number provided by them. NEXT100 reserves the right to terminate an applicant’s registration at any time in the event the information provided, including email address and contact number, is no longer current or accurate.
  6. NEXT100 may use the applicant name and organization information in ads, editorial material, website as and when necessary.
  7. NEXT100, in consultation with the jury, reserves the right to shortlist and filter applicants using any criteria it deems fit, without disclosing or making public the criteria or weighting schemes.
  8. NEXT100 will not reveal, at any stage, the ranking or relative placement of applicants, or their scores in the NEXT100 selection process.
  9. The content made available for the NEXT100 is the sole property of NEXT100 and that of its partners, and is protected by applicable copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patent or other proprietary rights and laws.
  10. While NEXT100 will make every reasonable effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information posted within the program website, NEXT100 assumes no responsibility for, and does not guarantee, the accuracy, currency, completeness or usefulness of information in any material about the program. It also does not endorse, oppose or edit any opinions, recommendations or predictions posted by the participants or other members, except that NEXT100 may remove or delete what appears to be potentially unlawful content or content otherwise prohibited under these Terms and Conditions.
  11. Any offers made under this program cannot be clubbed with any other offer/ promotion/ contest run by 9.9 Group Pvt Ltd, and/or NEXT100, or its affiliate brands and subsidiaries.
  12. 9.9 Group may, in their sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the NEXT100 program for any reason, including without limitation a breach of these Terms and Conditions (or any subsequent modifications hereof). By registering, you accept these Terms and Conditions.