Winners 2012

Harish Bawari
Hero Motocorp Ltd

Professional Details
Work Experience: 22
Current Team Size: 4
Technology Expertise: Project Management, Technology Selection, IT Risk Management and Technology Administration
Organisation Website:
Education: Bachelors in Engineering, Institute of Mechanical Engineers (India), Mumbai

UG Qualification: Bacheor of Engineering (Mechan ,InstInformation Technologyutio

Personal Details
I am based in (city): Gurgaon
Dream Holiday: Himalayan hills
Role Model: Sam Pitroda
Movie with Greatest Impact: Sholay
The best advice I ever got: Do your Duty. Do not worry about the consequences
Favorite Food: North Indian
Things That Get On My Nerves: Hypocrisy
Milestones:To be an IT advisor to an Organisation
Recommended Read: Bhagavad Gita