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The technology leaders of tomorrow are expected to be outstanding business leaders, not just good technical experts. They are will need to demonstrate initiative and innovation, add strategic value to their organizations, and collaborate effectively both within and outside the enterprise.

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The CIO Next program from IT NEXT is designed to help upcoming and aspiring CIOs gain these essential managerial and leadership skills. Organized as a series of 2-day training sessions in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, these sessions will equip attendees with strategic, technical and managerial skills.

The training sessions will be by delivered by experts, and all participants will be tested extensively. Attendees who score above a minimum grade will be awarded the "CIO Next" certificate.

While the attendance at the CIO Next program is not mandatory for applying for the NEXT100 award, the scores secured at the CIO Next program will count positively to your NEXT100 application.

Why Attend CIO Next?

By attending the CIO Next program you have the opportunity to:

  • Get trained in latest technology and managerial skills
  • Receive a CIO Next certificate
  • Secure an interview with the jury, and qualify for a NEXT100 award
  • Win one (or more) IT NEXT Technology awards

Who can attend?

The IT NEXT CIO Next 2016 program is open to all IT managers with seven (or more) years of full-time work experience, and currently in full-time employment with a company or organization. The Participant should be a resident of India at the time of application. Past NEXT100 and IT NEXT Technology award winners are also eligible to attend the program.

Note: All NEXT100 applicants who attend CIO Next will get additional points based on their scores in the CIO Next program.

Terms And Conditions

  1. The CIO Next 2016 management training program is offered FREE of cost to people working as IT decision makers in organizations including qualified NEXT100 2016 applicants. (i.e. those who have filled the NEXT100 application form and submitted it).
  2. All past NEXT100 award winners, past IT NEXT Technology award winners, and Next100 jury members are eligible to attend the CIO Next 2016 program free of cost
  3. All past attendees of CIO Next program are eligible to attend the CIO Next 2016 program, subject to availability of seats and confirmation. You will need to fill the NEXT100 2016 award application form to avail the FREE entry.
  4. The CIO Next 2016 is a non-residential 2-day program. The organizers (viz. IT NEXT & 9.9 Media) will not bear any travel, accommodation or other costs of participants. All selected participants will need to make their own arrangements to reach the venue of the training program on both days.
  5. Since seats are limited at each location, only confirmed applicants will be allowed to attend the program. Please await a confirmation, before you make any travel plans.
  6. Applicants selected to attend the CIO Next 2016 program will undertake to obtain the requisite permissions and waivers from their organizations to attend this program.
  7. Applicants selected to attend the CIO Next program will undertake to attend all program sessions, and comply with the rules and regulations of the program. Attendance certificates will be given only to those individuals who attend all sessions on both days.
  8. Each training session in the CIO Next program will involve an assessment. The scores secured on the assessments will be the basis for the award of the “CIO Next” certificate. Attendees who do NOT take any or all the tests will not be eligible to receive the CIO Next certificate.
  9. All NEXT100 applicants who successfully complete the CIO Next certification will be guaranteed an interview with the NEXT100 awards jury.
  10. Decisions made by IT NEXT regarding the CIO Next program, eligibility conditions, program dates and locations, administration and conduct of the program, rules & regulations, evaluation and certificate awarding criteria, etc., will be final and binding on all program participants.